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Jay is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Boston, MA. He has worked with a diverse contingent of clients, ranging from educational institutions like The George Washington University and Harvard University, to advocacy groups like Men Can Stop Rape, and to theater companies like The Hodgepodge Group. He has a particular passion for projects involving historical education, comedy, and social justice for race, gender, and disability rights.

When he's not drawing, Jay can be found podcasting (like a good millennial), learning video game songs on the piano, and sharing (usually unprompted) facts about his favorite dinosaur (the iguanodon).


B.A. in History & Women’s Studies

The George Washington University

Washington, DC · 2013 – 2016

2015 National Award in Editorial Cartooning , Society of Professional Journalists
Award won as part of the GW Hatchet independent newspaper.

The George Washington University Men Can Stop Rape Harvard University The Ayurvedic Path Fondin Wellness Castsaga LLC Stout Fellow LLC The Hodgepodge Group